À La Carte IT Services for Businesses

At Starr Technology Solutions we take pride in the quality of technical support that we provide our customers. We have been supporting businesses in the NE Ohio / Western Pennsylvania areas for over ten years. Our technicians are very experienced and can provide your business with all of your IT requirements.

As a managed service provider, we can design and implement a custom tailored solution to keep your business running efficiently for your day-to-day operations.

How can we help your business?

Some of our Managed Services include:

Let us save you thousands of dollars each year by using us as your IT company / Managed Service Provider!

Are you switching ISP's? We specialize in working with ISP's to ensure that your change-over goes very smoothly and that downtime is very minimal.

Having an up-to-date network is very important for security and network speeds. We will deploy new computers systems and new network hardware to ensure that your work environment is as efficient as possible.

New network hardware can greatly increase the productivity of your employees. Faster internal network speeds are key when transferring data. Network hardware such as managed routers and switches will also provide additional layers of security to your network.

We can help bring your existing systems back to life (depending on the age) and clean them up for you. Removing any threats such as a virus, mal-ware, spy-ware, or any other threat can greatly increase the performance of your systems and make the end user much more efficient.

No Contracts Required!

Tech Support

Providing Technical support to commercial and residential customers.

We support all types of printers / copiers, servers, routers, computer systems, POS systems, camera systems, telecommunication equipment, and many other devices and accessories.

- Anti Virus and Computer Systems Security

- Secure Remote Support

- Data Backup & Recovery

- Network Security

And more!