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A Virus or another type of Malware can be accidentally installed on your computer. Malware is most commonly obtained and installed without your permission by:

     - Visiting questionable websites

     - Downloading a lot of files or files you are not familiar with

     - Email attachments (Spam mail)

     - Installing programs not approved by Microsoft

     - Calling phone numbers from pop-up windows

     - Letting someone you don't know or trust remotely access your computer

The most severe type of Virus or Malware is known as Ransomware or Cryptoware. These types of malicious programs will hold your data hostage by encrypting it. Then the same malicious software will ask you for a payment with the promise of having your data returned to you. However, this is rarely the case. Once you have given them your payment information your data will not be unencrypted. The money you paid to them (also your data) is gone forever, and there is a very slim chance of the information ever being able to be retrieved. 

There are a lot of factors that can play a part in your computer running slowly. Over time a lot of junk files build up and registry errors are created. If your computer is taking a long time to boot up, programs are taking a long time to open, or you are experiencing application error messages or crashes - we can give your computer a complete tune up and get rid of all the bad stuff! It is very common for someone to have a slow computer and speed good money on a new machine. We want to keep that money in your pocket and offer very affordable solutions to get your computer back to its peak performance!

Update the computer!

Older computers tend to experience more issues then newer ones. If your computer has an older operating system installed (Before Windows 7), it is probably a good idea to discuss purchasing a new computer with one of our sales representatives. It is also recommended to upgrade some hardware components every so often. The most commonly upgraded components are RAM and Hard Drives. These new components can easily bring an older machine back to life and make it lightning fast! 

Is your computer operating slow or not working properly? There is a high possibility that you might have a virus or some type of Malware. Let us run our diagnostics and repair it for you. 

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